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About the Jewelry

Most of the stones are transformed from raw to finished product directly by me. Some new pieces may be purchased in cut slab form, re-cut and tumbled into new forms. I do have some bulk work however I prefer to make custom pieces. Contact me to have a stone chosen specifically for you and your needs. Whether you are looking for a stone for protection, pain, anxiety, overall well being, or just for fun I can help. I also provide information about your stone along with purchase. click on the link below to see what's available on ETSY


What is Crystal Healing

Crystal Healing is a energy based form of healing that not only treats the whole person but also their energy field. I must add that this falls under the category of holistic. Stones and crystals generate different frequencies which can naturally assist in healing the body, mind, and spirit. A healing session can consist of stones placed on you and or around you to induce healing. Crystal Healing is not a replacement for medical care. Always consult your physician about any medical conditions. Contact me for a healing session that is individual to you.